Image quality absorptive neutral density filters VIS-NIR (visible-near infrared)

With their ability to minimize back-reflections and scattered light, absorptive neutral density (ND) filters are ideal for calibration. In contrast to the metallic type, absorptive iontype filters achieve their optical density by absorbing light within the substrate. For this reason, thickness is a key determinant of opacity. Because of their absorbing quality, these filters are suitable for low-power applications only.
Andover’s absorbing ND filters are unique in that way that they are AR coated to reduce surface reflections. Polished to TWF ¼ wave or better, this enables them to be stacked without concern about losses and artifacts due to multiple reflections. Absorbing ND filters are perfect for imaging applications.
Please note that our absorbing ND filters are also available in sets, which include a hardwood storage box.


  • Ability to minimize back reflexions and scattered light
  • Suitable for low power applications

Common applications

  • Photomicrography
  • Machine vision
  • Calibration
  • Photography
  • Scientific measurements and research

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