Moxtek x-ray products expand our product range

In the field of wire grid polarizers, we have been working together successfully with Moxtek for many years. Now, we have also included their x-ray sources, detectors and windows in our portfolio. The MAGPRO x-ray sources (60/70 kV, 12 W) are designed for portable XRF, XRD and imaging instruments. The small spot size makes it a good choice for x-ray imaging applications.


  • Close coupling of source to detector
  • Portable, easy to integrate
  • High measuring accuracy,  low detection limits
  • Short scanning times
  • Optics coupling possible, good image resolution

The Si-PIN x-ray detectors are used for a variety of energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) applications in industry and science. They are opti- mized to provide maximum resolution, count rate, energy absorption as well as maximum peak-to-background ratio.
The XPIN detector has a 625 µm thick Si-PIN diode, an ultra-low-noise JFET, a multilayer collimator and a preamplifier. Internal cooling is provided by a two-stage thermoelectric cooler.
The "AP" windows are ideal for applications that require high transmission of low energy x-rays in high vacuum with differential pressure and the highest possible vacuum integrity. They are most commonly used in microanalysis applications.
The AP windows have established the standard for light element detection x-ray windows. They have survived over 10,000 cycles at 1.2 atm differential pressure.

The new “AP5” window has a new carbon-based support structure with a significantly higher acceptable angle, up to 11% higher solid angle, and up to 20% more transmission for higher overall count rates.

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