New high-end thermal cameras at LOT-QuantumDesign

Together with InfraTec, a leading manufacturer of high-end thermal cameras made in Germany, we offer a comprehensive range of infrared camera models for demanding industrial and scientific applications. 

Our product range comprises professional and universal cameras and high-end solutions based on thermal cameras and infrared imagers. For your specific application we will find the right package consisting of the best infrared camera, comprehensive software and optimized accessories.

With ImageIR 10300, InfraTec offer a high-resolution infrared camera for high-end thermography applications. With the HD infrared camera VarioCAM High Definition, they provide a professional and universal top-class camera model. ImageIR 10300 is a full HD, mid-infrared camera based on a 3 mega­pixel InSb detector. It comprises a radiometric infrared camera with a cooled photon detector. The detector permits highest resolution images in the format 1920 × 1536 IR pixels with a pixel pitch as small as 10 µm. The thermal resolution is better than 0.03 K. 

As radiometric device, it offers a measurement accuracy of ± 1 °C or ± 1 %. Thanks to the short integration time necessary for highly sensitive images the camera allows high-speed thermal recording with previously unknown IR image quality. Although the full window of 3 megapixels can be read out with 100 Hz, the windowing mode allows an even higher frame rate for fast changing objects. For that reason, InfraTec have developed a corresponding network adapter for the ImageIR 10300’s 10 gigabit ethernet interface. The system takes advantage of a long-lasting cooler with an MTTF of 15000 hours which ensures a long life time of the state-of-the-art camera. The stan­dard temperature measuring range is between -40 and 500 °C.

The infrared camera VarioCAM HD head 900 is the world’s first mobile microbolometer infrared camera and has been specially developed for industrial and scientific thermogra­phic applications. Its detector format is 1.024 x 768 IR pixels with a geometric resolution increased to 3.1 megapixels (2.048 × 1.536) thanks to the integrated MicroScan feature.

Cameras of the VarioCAM HD series are uncooled and in the 8-12 µm wavelength range. They offer a high frame rate capability of up to 240 Hz in windowing mode. All cameras come with a high-resolution 5.6” TFT display with 1.280 x 800 pixels and optional inclinable color viewfinder. VarioCam cameras offer temperature measurements from -40 to 2.000 °C with a measurement accuracy of ± 1 °C or ± 1 %. At 30 °C, the uncooled high-sensitivity microbolometer detector reaches a temperature resolution of as good as 0.02 K.

An absolute novelty in the field of portable infrared cameras is the integrated laser range finder. It can precisely detect object distances of up to 70 meters. The camera allows you to display this additional information and save in the thermal image as necessary. With the integrated GPS module you can geographically recognize the measurement location and automatically locate and archive thermal ima­ges. This feature comes in handy if multiple objects need to be located in different places inside a big building.

The efficiency of an infrared camera significantly depends on its data analysis software. As a standard, the thermography software package IRBIS 3 is included with each camera delivery. IRBIS 3 gives a fast, precise and detailed evaluation of obtained thermograms and sequences. This together with the copy & paste function into all WINDOWS programs provides a sound basis for comprehensive development tasks. Numerous automatic functions such as autofocus, automatic image optimization, automatic hotspot display, automatic calibration range switch etc. enable a fast and effective operation of the system.

InfraTec’s high-end thermal cameras are now available from LOT-QuantumDesign. Please contact us for more information on the different camera models. We look forward to discussing your thermal imaging applications and requirements.

Please be aware that we do not sell this article in all European countries.

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