25. September 2023  - 28. September 2023 / Booth 38 / Mercure Hotel in Berlin, Germany

MNE 2023

Micro and Nano Engineering Conference

At MNE we present live the latest Quantum Design development at our booth 38: The FusionScope – an easy to use  correlative AFM and SEM microscopy platform that combines the complementary strengths of AFM and SEM like never before. Learn more FusionScope

We will also be showcasing the latest developments from our manufacturer Durham Magneto Optics with the MicroWriter photolithography systems. These very flexible direct write systems combine high resolution with high write speed and have unique features such as a virtual mask aligner and dual wavelength setup (365 nm & 405 nm).

Dr. Andreas Bergner
Dr. Andreas Bergner
Dr. Chris Schwalb
Dr. Chris Schwalb
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