UV-CureRight Radiometer

ILT800 from International Light Technologies

The ILT800 CureRight is a feature-rich profiling UV radiometer that delivers unmatched flexibility and capability.  The ILT800 Radiometer meets a broad range of applications across a variety of light measurement needs.  The system has been designed with the varying needs of its users in mind, and can be configured and customized to your unique environment.

  • Up to 3.000 samples per second
  • Stores 20 unique device IDs
  • Optic and controls on one side
  • Profiling
  • Auto/Manual/Live modes
  • Stores up to 1.000 profiles
  • Large OLED display
  • ISO17025 Calibration

Further information

There are five models available with different spectral response in the UV/VIS. During the process the meter moves along with the exposure probes on the conveyor belt and provides integrated dosage [J/cm²] and peak irradiance [W/cm²]. The meter also provides a visual display of the irradiance profile, which allows to draw conclusions on the status of lamps and reflectors. All measurements can  be stored in the device or on a PC!


Range: 4,5 decade ( mW/cm² to 40 W/cm²)
Temperature range: 0 °C - 75 °C  (internal case temperature)
Readout:                                mW/cm² , mJ/cm² W/cm², J/cm² ,
profile, date , time,  temp.
Sensors: Linear, solid state GaAsp & SiC
Input optic: Cosine correction diffuser
Power: Micro USB & rechargeable battery
Display: 19 x 170 mm OLED
Size: 102  x 152  x 12.7 ( L x W x H )  mm


UV disinfection
Solvent-based thermal drying processes
UV curing for wood and leather products
Printed circuit industry
UV curing process for fiberglass composities
Pulsed and traditional UV lamps


Kontrolle und Steuerung von UV-Härteprozessen (veröffentlicht in Zeitschrift JOT 2018)
UV-C Tunnel
ILT 800 Technische Information
ILT 800 Technical information
ILT 800


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