Material optical properties

Material optical properties - Photochromic lens spectrophotometer
Photochromic lens spectrophotometer

The BPC300 spectrophotometer offers accurate characterisation of photochromic (photosensitive) lens transmission in the faded and AM2 conditioned states.The fully automated BPC300 enables product ...

Material optical properties - High performance fluorometer
High performance fluorometer

The Fluoro300 is a highly configurable fluorometer utilised in the high-accuracy assessment of solid and liquid samples. Comprising a monochromatic excitation source sample chamber and emission ...

Material optical properties - Fibre spectral attenuation spectrometer
Fibre spectral attenuation spectrometer

The FSL300 system provides accurate assessment of fibre spectral loss, paramount in quality control processes, material research and optical fibre development.Employing the internationally recognised ...

Material optical properties - In Vitro sunscreen spectrophotometer
In Vitro sunscreen spectrophotometer

The SSUV300 boasts numerous advantages in the performance of accurate measurement of UV absorbance of thin film sunscreen samples. Including a dual monochromator-based spectrophotometer, a simple ...


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