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More than two years ago, Janis Research has become part of Lake Shore. Since then, Lake Shore Cryotronics has merged the portfolios to offer comprehensive cryostat solutions for a broad range of applications.
One major development has been the integration of calibrated temperature sensors in the cryostats so that they now feature the advantages of calibrated silicon diodes and Cernox sensors as standard. Lake Shore temperature controllers thus offer perfect temperature control.

The Lake Shore cryostat portfolio comprises a range of types from simple liquid nitrogen models like the VPF-100 for temperatures from 70 to 500 Kelvin to superconducting magnetic systems like the DryMag with a magnetic field of up to 12 T and sample temperatures of 1.5 - 700 K. The larger measurement platforms with magnet also use Lake Shore’s proprietary MeasureLINK software. This way,  measurement routines can be created for each user in a tree structure, using drag-and-drop or scripting.
Cryostats are available for a wide variety of applications.  To select the right system, it is good to answer a few questions up front:

  • What type of cooling do you want to use: An open system, cooled with liquid helium or nitrogen? A closed cycle?
  • Which temperature interval is to be covered by the cryostat?
  • Which vibration level is necessary?
  • Which atmosphere will the sample be in - vacuum or replacement gas?
  • How fast do samples need to be exchanged?
  • Is a compact design required? For example for microscopic applications?
  • Will the cryostat be placed in a magnet?
  • Are electrical feedthroughs or cables needed?

If a standard cryostat is not suitable for a specific application, the many years of experience of the Janis staff can be used to develop a customised solution.

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