Brand-new and budget-friendly spectroscopic in situ ellipsometer iSE

The spectroscopic ellipsometer iSE was developed for the in situ monitoring of film thickness and optical constants.

Like all spectroscopic ellipsometers from Woollam, the new iSE provides highest measurement accuracy and, in combination with CompleteEASE software, a multitude of measurement information at highest measurement sensitivity.

Only Woollam ellipsometers offer spectroscopic data fast and over a wide wavelength range. iSE has a new optical design with Dual Rotation in combination with CCD detection. Hundreds of wavelengths are acquired simultaneously in the fraction of a second. There is no more need for ZoneAveraging thanks to the Dual Rotation technology. The quickest measurement time already provides highest sensitivity.

Compared to previous spectroscopic ellipsometers, the iSE features an extremely compact design. This makes it highly suitable for the integration in coating systems (for example ALD) even under challenging spatial conditions. Besides compact add-on components like the input and receiver unit, the system only consists of a small control unit which communicates with the external PC and CompleteEASE software via ethernet. 

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Dr. Stefano Pergolini
Dr. Stefano Pergolini


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