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Flexible research AFM for materials and life science

FlexAFM from Nanosurf

By advancing key technologies and system designs, Nanosurf has made the FlexAFM the most versatile and flexible research atomic force microscope ever, allowing a large variety of applications to be performed easily. Whether you want to operate the FlexAFM in air or in liquid environments, in materials science or life science applications, in standard imaging or advanced research modes, on a dedicated sample stage or on an inverted microscope, it makes no difference to you as a user.

With the included C3000 controller, new levels of accuracy can be achieved with the FlexAFM scan head.

  • Flat and linear scanning thanks to the flexure-based scanner technology
  • Exchangeable cantilever holders: AFM measurements in air only; and in air and liquid; scanning thermal microscopy; fluid force microscopy applications
  • More measurement versatility: lateral force; kelvin probe force; scanning thermal; fluid force microscopy
  • Compatible with inverted microscopes
  • Readily combine AFM and optical data (fluorescence/phase contrast/bright field)

Further information

High-end AFM controller for more performance and precision

The versatility and performance of the FlexAFM scan head is brought to its full potential by the C3000 controller thanks to the fully digital internal data processing, 24-bit ADC/DAC conversion depth, and programmable FPGA CPU. It allows high-speed data acquisition, dynamic filtering and analysis, and real-time signal monitoring directly from within the C3000 control software.

Through soft- and firmware changes, the C3000 controller can be updated and upgraded to support new options, modes, and features at any time!

Main features:

  • All digital data processing in FPGA
  • 24-bit DACs for accurate scanning with widely varying scan range
  • 24-bit ADCs and adaptive filters for high-resolution and low-noise data
  • Fast and sensitive digital Z-feedback and spectroscopy
  • Fully equipped with integrated thermal tuning, data monitoring, user I/O and signal access, advanced operating modes

Additional options

Available C3000 controller options/packages include: advanced spectroscopy, signal modulation, advanced lithography, scripting interface, external synchronization.



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